Our Staff: Ambrose Murangira

Thursday, 26 May 2016 15:37 Written by 


Ambrose Murangira became Deaf at age of 10yrs due to mumps. He dropped out of school because he did not know anything on Deafness and Deaf persons to the disappointment of his Mother who wanted him to continue with education regardless of availability of support services. Ambrose’s argument was that one cannot learn without a language: “But Mum how will I understand the teachers” was one of many questions Ambrose would ask his Mother.

At 12yrs later, Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD) held a sensitization meeting in his home district the then Mbarara District now Ibanda District, it is during this sensitization meeting that he got to know that he was actually not only the Deaf in his community and that Deaf persons have a language – sign language. He got to know that some Deaf have managed to continue with studies.

One of the facilitators, Hon. Alex Ndeezi (MP and current Chairperson of UNAD), was actually at Makerere University pursuing his BA. Ambrose accepted to go back to school, an idea which was strongly supported by his Mother and UNAD.

Today, Ambrose holds Bachelor Degree in Social Work and Social Administration and Masters in Social Sector Planning and Management.

Joining UNAD 20yrs ago, Ambrose started as an Executive Committee Member of Mbarara District Association of the Deaf and raised through ranks to the position of UNAD Chairperson before assuming the role of Executive Director. Despite spending most of his years in the Deaf Community, Ambrose has been taking active part in mainstreaming PWDs in national policies and programmes. At national level, Ambrose has worked (part-time) with NUDIPU (5yrs as a board member); National Youth Council (8yrs as a Representative of YWDs); National Council for Disability (8yrs as Vice Chairperson, Finance and Administration) etc.

At International level, Ambrose has worked (part-time) with The World Bank Group as the Young Voices founder Member and Consultant; World Federation of the Deaf for 5yrs as an Expert on Developing Countries; Global Disability Rights Library for the past 6yrs still ongoing as Board Member. He is a regular presenter and panelist at The World Bank and United Nations meetings.

Prior to becoming Executive Director at UNAD, Ambrose worked as an Independent Consultant and provided consultancy services to The World Bank Group; DFID, USAID, IRI; Sign Health, Government of Uganda among many others. He has published many papers touching on a number of issues. Below are links to his publications