Crane Survey of the Deaf In Kampala

Saturday, 22 February 2014 17:35 Written by  Eroku Simon Prince

HIV infection and related factors in various survey groups. It collects both data and blood samples. The Crane Survey is funded by the US Government under its PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) program. The Crane Survey operates office is located at Reev House, Wandegeya, Bombo Road opposite Gapco fuel station.

How does it work?

Rationale: The deaf population in Uganda are often disadvantaged, lack access to health care, and face challenges in attaining proper health literacy. Due to these health determinants, many deaf Ugandans may be at increased risk for HIV/AIDS, but almost no data are currently available about the burden of HIV disease and the health needs of this community.

Survey design: This survey includes 2 visits to our survey office in Wandegeya. At the first visit, participants will be screened for eligibility, interviewed, pre-test counseled for HIV and syphilis testing, and blood will be drawn. At the second visit three weeks later, participants will receive their test results. We will have a few volunteers who can sign to facilitate communication with our staff.

Sampling design: The survey will be carried out in Kampala. We aim at approximately 1,500 survey participants and a sampling duration of about 6 months. Participants will receive coupons and will be asked to pass these on to other deaf persons that they know. Once these other deaf persons present with a coupon at our survey office, we will enroll them and issue coupons to these new participants as well. That way sampling will continue until the target size will have been reached. A little money is paid to compensate for transport and time.

Data collection: We will use a video-based sign-language questionnaire. The computer will play video files showing a person signing the questions and the different answer options. The participant will choose the answer that best fits by touching the computer screen. The participant can repeat a question or go back to a previous question if s/he so desires. For certain interview terms that may be difficult to understand we will offer separate video and sign-based explanations.

The interview will examine such domains including; demographics, general health status, alcohol, tobacco, and drug use, access to general health care, access to HIV testing, care, and treatment, and HIV-related risk behaviors.

Blood collection: The survey will offer respondents HIV and syphilis testing. For this we need to collect a little blood. Once the participant returns after some three weeks we will return the test results. For participants testing positive for syphilis we will provide treatment. HIV-infected respondents will be referred to HIV care and treatment providers.

For more information please contact the survey’s project manager, George Lubwama at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 0755 306 000