In Summary: Although the law provides for fair treatment of people with disabilities, many still face discrimination.

In Summary: Part III of the series looks at the challenges persons with disabilities face when they try to get information or use public transport.

The admission letters for Kyambogo University students admitted under the People with Disabilities (PWDs) government scholarship scheme is ready, according to the institution’s spokesman Lawrence Madete.

Various groups of Persons living with disabilities have asked the Government expedite the amendment in the disabled Act 2006.

A pursuit born of a need

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In Summary: loss of hearing. Her experience of living a life without hearing inspired her to fight for the rights of others with similar needs.

Government fails to implement the PWDs 2006 Act provision that says 10 per cent of education budget goes to special needs while minister says they await necessary regulation

Implementation Gap Denying PWDs Education

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In part five of our series on disability and education, supported by Nudipu, Joseph Kimbowa looks at the fact that Uganda has excellent policies on PWDs’ education.

Signing through it all

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In Summary:Down, not out. Losing her hearing after a bout of malaria as an adult did not deter one woman from living a fulfilling life.

A little boy toddles towards the car and peeps through the window to catch a glimpse of the visitor who has just parked at his school. He looks fascinated by the strange face.