Deaf demand special news

Monday, 27 March 2006 00:00 Written by  Charles Ariko

UNAD director Alex Ndeezi yesterday said since its inception, UBC-TV had denied the deaf important information in news that used to be provided by the defunct Uganda Television (UTV).

Ndeezi said the absence of sign interpreters at UBC-TV and other public places such as courts, hospitals and schools was a gross violation of their human rights.

Ndeezi was yesterday addressing a press conference at the UNAD offices in Kamwokya, Kampala.

Information state minister Dr. Nsaba Buturo yesterday said he had written to the UBC-TV managing director to rectify the problem.

“I met Ndeezi last week over that matter. I have written to the MD of UBC-TV. I also told Ndeezi to continue monitoring and report back to me if the problem persists,” Buturo said on phone.

Ndeezi said some deaf people were languishing in jail without knowing why they were there.

They are sentenced without being availed sign interpreters to tell them about their purported crimes. They are not given a chance to defend themselves, Ndeezi said.

He cited an incident where UNAD offered a sign language interpreter to a suspect who was committed to the High Court on defilement charges but the offer was ignored.

Ndeezi appealed to the government to operationalise the constitutional provisions on sign language.

Source: The New Vision