Join Movt, PWDs urged

Sunday, 07 November 2004 00:00 Written by  Carol Natukunda

Speaking at the Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD) social gathering on Thursday, Nayiga said the movement government embraced and appreciated PWDs.
“We are interested in the Movement because they have come up with a home for us. Let us all register with it so that we maintain unity in diversity, she said.
UNAD was also hosting a donor group from Sweden and Denmark at the UNAD offices in Kampala.
Nayiga said as the country moved towards the multiparty system, people needed to stick to the Movement.
She said the government appreciated UNAD because it was against marginalisation of the disabled. “UNAD has managed to stand firm because of the Government. This helps the deaf to focus on what they would wish to achieve in the community,” she said.
UNAD executive director Alex Ndeezi (Central) said there was a need to maintain the human rights and sign language clauses in the Constitution.
As we look forward to the constitutional amendment, the deaf people would not want anyone to tamper with our clauses. It's our achievement,” he said.

Source: The New Vision